The 3-step guide to getting paid as a freelancer

Created: 01 Feb 2018 / Categories: Blog

Whenever I discuss my work as a freelancer with my regularly employed friends (whom I also refer to as People With Normal Jobs), the conversation tends to gravitate around the

13 Reasons Why that show is a wasted opportunity

Created: 26 Apr 2017 / Categories: Blog

When I was growing up, teenagers spent a considerable amount of their time devising ways of accessing content that was deemed inappropriate for them. In the forgotten days before the

Why people are mad about the new Audi commercial (and why we are all picking up bad habits on the internet)

Created: 14 Feb 2017 / Categories: Blog

This is a blog post on good advertising and bad internet-related habits. But it needs context, so bear with me. I used to be a big fan of a lot

Why I accepted to be paid 35% less than a man, so you don’t have to.

Created: 02 Feb 2017 / Categories: Blog

The title might be slightly misleading: I didn’t do it for you. I didn’t do it for me either. A more honest title could have been “Why the hell did

Views are my own

Created: 02 Feb 2017 / Categories: Blog

Apparently, writing “Views are my own” on your Twitter profile won’t save your job, in case you decide to voice opinions that your employer strongly disagrees with. This does ...